Hello Dear Customers,

We are delighted to have you at our website! Saeng Thai House has been a part of the Portland community since 1993. We were one of the first few Thai restaurants in all of Maine! Our dishes are made using the same recipe that the owner herself used when she opened up her first restaurant in Thailand; therefore, ensuring that every bite will enlighten the palette with an authentic taste of Thai. Many of our customers have been to Thailand, and they continue to come back to our restaurant; they tell us that it’s like being back in Thailand without having to pay the expensive ticket price!

We understand that our customers are not only looking for Thai cuisine with a bold authentic Thai flavor, but also for a healthy option. We offer the healthiest and freshest selections, containing Thai herbs and spices that help strengthen the immune system. We want you to leave our restaurant with a happy stomach, a healthy body, and a healthy heart.

Our staff and servers are the friendliest. Our restaurant is like our home, so we treat you like you are not only our guest, but also as part of the family. Our mission is to bring the culture of Thailand to you, by giving you the best experience as your host and as your friend when you step into Saeng Thai House. We are always here to serve you.

Feel free to browse through our website and e-mail us for any questions or feedbacks.

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